Acoma Pueblo Pottery

All of our Pueblo pottery is guaranteed to be coiled (unless otherwise noted), handmade, one of a kind pieces. The newer pieces are signed by their artists, something not always done in the past. However, today the signature is what can make a piece of pueblo pottery worth twenty dollars or twenty thousand dollars. We feature reasonable pieces for those of you who appreciate this fine art and are interested in starting your own collection. We also feature pieces for the trained eye to gaze upon such as Carmel Lewis, Alice and Ruben Martinez, Denise Chavarria and many other well known artists. One thing to keep in mind; many of our reasonable pieces have been made by artists who have yet to reach the status of Maria Martinez, Margaret Tafoya or Marie Chino. Remember, each piece of handmade pottery purchased is an investment. Lesser known artists of today may be the leaders in the pottery market of tomorrow.

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Acoma Pueblo Pottery