Neil Thomas Navajo "Almost Stacked" Fetish Necklace/ Zuni Fetish Necklace

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Artist: Navajo Fetish carver Neil Thomas

Medium: Fine pinshell heishe with 37 turquoise, pipestone, marble, shell, alabaster, calcite, sugalite, dolomite, jet and serpentine fetishes/ Delicate pinshell heishe/ Sterling silver fasteners/ All have jet eyes

Size: 30" Length / Carvings range in size from 5/8" L to 1" L

Fetishes include squirrel, bears, parrots, birds, turtles, ducks, rabbits, owl, fish, bison and  frog and more!

Detailed carvings and very delicate shell heishe!  A real beauty!

Almost "stacked" look with only 1/4" heishe between carvings.