Claudia Peina Gaspeite Warrior Maiden Zuni Fetish

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Artist:  Zuni Fetish carver Claudia Peina

Medium:  Beautiful Gemstone Quality Green Gaspeite with Jet eyes and coral mouth/ turquoise necklace/ jet designs on shawl with turquoise, jet and coral appointments.  Turquoise conchos on moccasins.  Butterfly Maiden hairdo 1/2 up and 1/2 down/ Sterling silver shield and spear

Size: 3" H x 1 3/8" Across x 5/8" Deep

The Warrior Maiden is a young Maiden whose village came under attack by an enemy tribe while she was getting her hair done or a ceremony.  Wanting to help the men of the village fight the enemies off, she fled and grabbed her shield and spear! She is known for her hair half up and half down.

Elegant and fancy Maiden! The Maidens are highly revered in the Zuni and Pueblo culture.  Beautiful and Collectible!