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We are fourth generation dealers in Native American art. Below is an idex of comprehensive articles about the Native American Art we sell. We wrote these pages to provide our customers with more information about the different styles of native american art and help them to better understand the products in our galleries so they can make educated and informed Native American Art buying decisions.

Zuni Fetishes

Zuni Fetishes

Zuni Fetishes are an animal, bird or figure hand carved from stone, shell, antler, wood or other natural materials. Zuni Fetishes were first carved as "hunting" fetishes. When taken on a hunting expedition they would ensure a plentiful and successful hunt. Each fetish is believed to have a spirit within. If treated and taken care of properly Zuni fetishes will help guide you on the right path of life. When you purchase or are given a Zuni fetish it is your responsibility to care for and treat it with the proper respect it deserves. 

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Pueblo Pottery

Pottery is one of the oldest art forms in the Native American culture. It developed out of necessity for the use of cooking, storage and water vessels. When the great civilizations such as Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon and Canyon de Chelly were thriving, pottery techniques excelled. The Native American was no longer nomadic and being settled in one area for years or a life time gave them the opportunity to perfect this skill. The pueblo potters of today use the same styles, skills and technique as their ancestors. 
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Navajo Pottery

Traditional Navajo pottery was originally a cruder form of work than pueblo wares, fairly thick in appearance, with little or no design and covered with a pine pitch making it utilitarian. This enabled the piece to hold water or to use in cooking. Navajo pottery designs have changed dramatically over the last few decades. All Navajo pottery we sell is individually handmade, but unlike the pueblo pottery, many pieces are thrown on a wheel or start out as greenware rather than using the standard pueblo coil method. 
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Indian Summer has the perfect location to purchase local Indian beadwork from various Native Americans, as Salt Lake City has a large population of Navajo, Shoshone, Ute, Goshiute and Paiute Indians. The majority of our work is Shoshone. The Shoshone Bannock Reservation is just two hours away over the border in Idaho and many Shoshone people have made Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas their home. 
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Native American baskets were one of the earliest art forms made by prehistoric Indians. They were made as utilitarian pieces for storage, holding water and even cooking. Basket making is an ancient craft. Basket making preceded pottery making, so baskets that were used for cooking were lined with clay, and water vessels were covered with pine pitch.  
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We have a tasteful selection of Indian jewelry for you to choose from. Each item is a hand made one of a kind piece. If we ever feature items that look similar, being handmade, there will always be slight differences. No two items are ever identical. Currently, we offer only Indian jewelry which does not require actually trying it on to know if it fits. We don't want anyone disappointed with a bracelet or ring that is too small or too large. Our necklaces should work well for anyone. Each necklace shown will have length printed next to it. We also carry belt buckles, earrings, and bolos. All of our work is set in sterling silver. Each tribe has their own style or technique that is traditional, however, today as with every craft, they all tend to borrow ideas and designs from each other! 
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Kachinas/Folk Art

Just the mere word "Kachina" conjures up vivid images of masked figures dancing and chanting on ancient mesas. Well it should, because that is part of what a Kachina does. A Kachina is a God to the Hopi and Pueblo tribes. The Hopi have over 300 different Kachinas which are part of their daily culture. 
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