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Welcome to our Indian Summer News and Updates Page! 

We will try to keep you updated on upcoming Native American and Southwestern events throughout the Southwest....fairs, festivals, fiestas, dances, art shows....anything you might be interested in attending, should you be lucky enough to be in the area at the time.  

We will also keep you updated on "New Arrivals" at Indian Summer or any sales or promotions we might be having! 

This is our 23rd year in business with Indian Summer, but is is also a brand new website for us....out with the old and in with the new!

We will be shopping for our website ASAP!   We are low on inventory right now, as we were letting it get down, so we would not have as much to transfer over to this new site.


We have a buying trip planned for August, but in the meantime we have added some new fetish carvings as well as some very cute Kachinas!   Check them out!

In the midst of our website transition, we became grandparents for the very first time!  Needless to say, things have been hectic, but we are overjoyed to welcome Jesse Jules into our world!  This is our daughter Liz and her hubby Jake's son, many of you may remember Liz from her website Zuni Fetish Outlet!

Please check in on updates from time to time, and don't hesitate to email us at if you have any questions!

We just have to include this picture of Jill's late aunt Betty Fiorina on here!   Santa Fe native, Secretary of State of New Mexico three separate terms.  Served as acting Governor of NM for six months.  Business woman, activist, animal lover and rescuer....Ran the oldest trading post in Santa Fe during the 40's....It was called "Candelarios" at that time. Oh, the lovely Native American  art she collected from that era!  Saved 100's if not 1,000's of cats and dogs, birds, desert tortoises, you name it,  over her lifetime. Many ended up coming to Utah to live with us!  A lady who loved to play the slots....we inherited our gambling fever from her!   Loved by all who knew her, she was the best aunt and friend we could have ever asked for!  Worked in politics for many years, along with her active roles in government, she was always  inolved in local and state government, in a variety of roles.  Her dedication to Santa Fe and the "Land of Enchantment"  earned her the honor of having a state government building named after her.  Located  on Siringo Road in Santa Fe "The Betty Fiorina Printing Building".  Love you and miss you Betty, you have been an inspiration to me my entire life!


Building Information:

This unique building serves New Mexico's State Printing Office. State Printing & Graphic Services offers graphic design, printing, and bindery services for state agencies. Many important State documents are printed at this location.  The building was named for Betty Fiorina in 2007.  Ms. Fiorina was the first person to ever serve as New Mexico Secretary of State for three terms (1959-1960, 1961-1962 and 1970-1974).  She also served in several administrative positions with New Mexico Executive and Legislative agencies since the early 1940s.



Santa Fe, New Mexico 



Aug. 2Nuestra Senora de los Angeles Feast Day. Corn Dance at Jemez Pueblo. For information: in New Mexico (505) 843-7270; out of state (800) 766-4405.
Aug. 4Feast Day and Corn Dance. Kewa Pueblo. For information: (505) 465-2214.
Aug. 3 - 11Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. At Red Rock State Park near Gallup. Parades, rodeo, arts and crafts, dances, food, golf tourney, auctions, more. Parking and admission fees at Red Rock State Park. For information: or (505) 722-3839.
Aug. 9, 10Aug. 9 San Lorenzo Feast Day; Aug. 10 Trade Fair and Races at the Picuris Pueblo. For information: in New Mexico (505) 843-7270; out of state (800) 766-4405.
Aug. 10San Lorenzo Feast Day. Throw Day and dances at Acoma Pueblo. For information: (505) 252-1139 or (800) 747-0181.
 San Lorenzo Feast Day. Cochiti Pueblo. For information: (505) 465-2244.
 San Lorenzo Feast Day. Throw Day and dancing at Laguna Pueblo where people named Lawrence or Lorenzo throw gifts to visitors. For information: (505) 552-6654.
Aug. 12Santa Clara Feast Day. Buffalo and other dances at Santa Clara Pueblo. For information: (505) 753-7326.
Aug. TBAZuni Cultural Arts Expo. Zuni Pueblo. For information:
Aug. 15Assumption of Our Blessed Mother's Feast Day. Harvest and other dances at Mesita, Laguna Pueblo. For information: (505) 552-6654.
 Feast Day and Corn Dance. Zia Pueblo. For information: (505) 867-3304.
Aug. 18, 19Santa Fe Indian Market. At the Plaza in Santa Fe. Native American artists and craftspeople from all over the country exhibit. Juried competition, dances, food. No admission fee. For information: or (505) 983-5220.
Aug. Last WeekendPicuris Tri-Cultural Arts & Crafts Show. At Picuris Pueblo. For information: (505) 587-2519.
Aug. TBACentral Navajo Fair. Chinle, AZ. For information:
Aug. 28Saint Augustine Feast Day. Morning mass followed by a procession. Dances in the afternoon at the Isleta Pueblo. For information: (505) 869-3111.
Aug. 31 - Sept. 2Zuni Fair. Zuni Pueblo. For information:

Be sure to stop at Santo Domingo Pueblo half way between Santa Fe and Albuquerque and buy some of the most delicious bread you will ever taste!

"Oven Bread" made local and fresh in traditional hornos, warm out of the outdoor will be happy you made this stop!

A FUN and DELICIOUS adventure awaits you in the "Land of Enchantment!"