What are Zuni Fetishes?

Zuni fetishes are an animal, bird or figure hand carved from stone, shell, antler, wood or other natural materials.  Zuni fetishes were first carved as "hunting" fetishes.  When taken on a hunting expedition fetishes would ensure a plentiful and successful hunt.  Each fetish is believed to have a spirit within.  If treated and taken care of properly Zuni fetishes will help guide you on the right path of life.  When you purchase a Zuni Fetish or are given one it is your responsibility to care for and treat it with the proper respect it deserves.  Fetishes are believed to feed on cornmeal, so don't neglect to feed your fetish.  "Offerings" are often attached to the fetish by the artist, however you may make your own "offering" to your fetish by attaching a small stone or feather adornment.  An offering to your fetish is greatly appreciated and you will be rewarded with the healing or strength you desire.  We cannot guarantee that a fetish carving will change your life, but in our many years of experience we have seen astonishing changes in peoples lives as a result of their belief in the power of the fetish.  Our fetishes are Zuni carved unless otherwise noted, out of a variety of stone and shell.  Fetish prices will vary depending on detail, artist and the medium used. 

Prized for their "down to earth" beauty and spiritual renewal, fetishes have long been an important part of Native American culture.  When a fetish maker prays over his/her created work, a mystical power is believed to be released which can assist one in finding a solution to any present problems.  All Southwestern tribes make and use fetishes; however, the Zuni people have developed a reputation for being skillful fetish carvers.  There are six cardinal guardian fetishes which are symbolic of the six directions.  The first is a mountain lion which represents the North.  The South belongs to the badger, the West to the bear, while the East goes to the wolf.  Additionally, the mole guards the inner earth, while the eagle protects the heavenly regions.

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