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Vintage Hopi Willow Miniature Plaque Indian Basket

Vintage Hopi Willow Miniature Plaque Indian Basket

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Artist:  Unknown/ Purchased from a private collection

Medium:  Rabbit brush, dunebroom and yucca with scrub, sumac and willow

Size:  4" Across x 4 1/4" H w/ loop  3/8" Deep

Vintage/ tightly woven miniature plaque/ Made at Third Mesa circa 1920's

The Hopi name for a plaque like this one is Yungyapu.  These plaques are usually made of rabbit brush, dunebroom and yucca.  Dunebroom sticks serve as the warp element.  They are wrapped tightly with rabbit brush, which serves as the weft element.  Yucca strips, usually dyed black, are wrapped around the rim.  Scrub sumac and arroyo willow are also used for baskets like this.

(Does not come with stand/ has woven loop for hanging)

Last photo is back of plaque

An oldie, but a goodie! SUCH A TIGHT WEAVE!

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