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Minerals and Their Metaphysical Properties

Alabaster   Is a  stimulus for meditation. It helps one center, and also can show one the way to forgiveness.  It brings awareness and well being and helps awaken ones inherent talents.

Amethyst  Is a stone of spirituality and contentment.  It balances you emotionally, intellectually, and creates harmony.  It brings a connection to the spiritual world from the physical world.

Crystals   Carried for protection to ward off hexes and is protection against jinxes.

Fluorite  Helps bring order to chaos and promotes discernment.  It helps one to see reality and truth, and increases concentration.  It stabilizes energy and helps relationships and individuals flourish.  Its nourishing energy brings about wellness and purification of infections and disorder.

Garnet  The "stone of health" extracts negative energy and helps expand ones awareness.  It helps promote commitment and devotion.  It is an expression of warmth and love.  Helps deal with abandonment.  Helps one to accept emotions, experiences and is calming and provides stability.

Jade  Known as the "dream stone"  and a stone of "fidelity"  it brings devotion to ones purposes and realization of ones potential.  It helps in remembering and understanding dreams.  Helps instill resourcefulness, and can aid in providing access  from the physical world into the spiritual world.   It brings confidence, self-assuredness, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Jasper  This stone is the "supreme nurturer" and reminds us that we are not here solely for ourselves, but to bring joy and freedom to others.  It helps one celebrate times of aloneness.  It is a strong stone against negativity, and is a sustaining stone when ones energy is low.

Labradorite  Protects the aura and keeps it clear and balanced.  It is referred to as "the temple to the stars".  It helps one understand their destiny.  It eliminates disturbing thoughts and brings energy from other worlds to the earth plane.  It symbolizes the sun and moon cycles and provides vitality and a sense of self, and clear direction.

Lapis Lazuli  This stone enhances the understanding of ancient and mystical knowledge, expands awareness, and enhances intuition.  It provides relief from that which has been stored deep in the unconscious mind.  It stimulates communication, and helps bring organization into ones daily life.  It can help overcome depression, and enhance serenity.  Aids in bringing success to a relationship.

Malachite  A stone of transformation, it helps during times of change and clears the mind and helps with emotions.  It assists in rebirthing, and looking deep within ones self to see the cause of any condition in the body, mind, and spirit.  It is balancing and helps one towards their goals.  It represents fidelity, loyalty, and can enhance the immune system.

Obsidian  A stone of purity for the body, mind and spirit.  It brings serenity and promotes awareness of love, sensitivity and beauty.

Onyx  This stone helps align and center one with their higher power. It enhances self control, banishes grief, and stimulates wise decision making.   Brings good fortune when needed.  Helps one become the master of their own future.  Dispels nightmares and aids marital happiness.

Opal  Increases confidence, and is considered especially lucky for Libras and Scorpios.

Quartz  Symbolizes universal awareness and is used for redemption and cleansing of the Earth.  It can help with meditation, communication and become your spiritual guide. It helps with fidelity, love, peace and happiness.

Rhodochrosite  A stone of love and balance, it emits the power of love.  It assists in creating a world of love and dreams.  It helps heal childhood trauma.  It gently energizes, purifies, and provides stability and encourages health.

Selenite  Helps provide clarity of the mind, expands ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings.  It helps with awareness and strength in decisions.  It helps one understand existing disorders  and to provide the remedy.

Serpentine  Protection against snakes, serpents, and reptiles!

Sodalite  Promotes logic and eliminates confusion.  Helps stimulate the intellect.  It brings lightness to the heart and encourages objectivity.  It helps foster companionship, self esteem, self trust and trust in others.

Turquoise  The stone of trust and beauty.  Brings harmony to one's life and inner peace.  Helps promote happiness and truth in daily living.  Helps to see the good in all.

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