• Zuni fetish carvings have been around for centuries. Ancient Pueblo effigies were an earlier form of a Zuni fetish carving. It has only been in recent times that the fetishes have been carved to sell, and have left the village. While the Zuni fetish carvings you see on our website and others are considered Zuni fetishes, carved by a variety of well known Zuni carvers, true Zuni fetishes do not leave the village and are blessed by a Shaman or Medicine Man and used by the carver himself or a special recipient. Proud, yet humble people, the Pueblo Indians carved these powerful figures to help them in their daily lives. A soaring eagle fetish carving could deliver a prayer or message to the Divine, while bears, wolves, bison, mountain lions, and others could help ensure a plentiful hunt. Small offerings of stone and shell were added to the Zuni fetish carvings, believed to give them even more power to perform their specific duties. It is believed that the more respect you show your fetish carving, the more your fetish will give you in return.
    Horses and ravens have innate healing powers, while a Bobcat fetish carving is believed to have psychic abilities and know secrets! We hope you find the Zuni fetish carving that is just right for you!