Alvin is our newest helper here at Indian Summer Native American Art!  Always smiling and happy! Alvin also wants to remind people to ADOPT don't shop!  Alvin came to us a "rescue".....Eight different homes in 8 months, including time at the local pound.  Alvin knows that we are his forever home, and his sweet personality is finally getting to shine!

Alvin loves his toys.....sometimes they even last a day without requiring surgery! 

Sometimes Al is naughty.....but most of the time he's nice....either way, he is always cute!

Alvin loves Spring!  He thinks it is the best season of all!

Alvin "sits pretty" and begs for toys and food!.....and LOVE!   But, he is loved soooo very much, he never needs to beg for that! He also likes to remind everyone that he is a big University of Utah "UTES" fan! 

Alvin has caught a fox....and it just happens to match the Navajo rug!

Aww....who can resist our sweet Alvin!  Tired from playing all day!  That old Navajo rug on our bedroom couch is 120+ years old!  My dad learned to walk on it as a baby in Santa Fe, NM in 1916!

Alvin sees his buddies (his nephews!)  almost every day...Scrappy (Liz and Jake's pup)  left hand top corner and Majik,(Phyllis and Ellie's pup)  bottom left hand corner. They all get along and love to rough house together! 

Alvin loves "his" big King bed....sometimes we have to fight him for it, but he always wins!  He also loves to play ball with Wes!

It's okay Al....sometimes we feel like this by the end of the day!   Thanks for your help and support here at Indian Summer!

Scrappy and Alvin admiring some of our pottery!  

The only thing Al likes better than hanging out with us at Indian Summer is lying in bed!

Al loves to go camping up at Bear Lake in Northern Utah with Scrappy and Majik!  He is a lot better sport about camping than his mom!  

A fresh new chile ristra has caught Alvin's eye!

Alvin says "Aw phoohey!  I though it was something to eat!"

Halloween is always lots of fun at Indian Summer!  We do fun and ~S~P~O~O~K~Y~ things!

Alvin is already looking forward to the holidays and Santa Paws bringing him treats!  He's been a good boy this year!