Zuni Fetish Carvers

Well known Zuni Fetish Carver Faye Quandelacy...a member of the famous Quandelacy family of carvers, Faye is best known for her superb  Zuni Maiden carvings.

Faye has picked out just the right turquoise stone.  She begins to carve a frog fetish for us!

Faye works her magic with the stone while Jake watches in awe.

Faye carving intricate detail with her dremel tool.

Faye drills out where the eyes will be inlaid.

The frog gets a good polishing!

Faye's finished Zuni Turquoise Frog Fetish

 Famous Zuni Fetish Carver Sandra Quandelacy, well known for her fabulous Zuni Maidens!

Maidens Sandra is working on in various stages...these will go to a show Sandra is doing in CT.

Zuni Fetish Carver Priscilla Lasiloo Quandelacy, she and her husband Stewart are well known for their Medicine Bears.  Their son Chad has made a name for himself with his Maiden carvings!

The "one and only" Zuni Fetish carver Stewart Quandelacy!  His powerful Medicine Bears put Zuni on the map!

Well known Zuni Fetish carver Andres Quandelacy in his studio  Andres' carvings are some of our personal favorites :)

Andres Quandelacy and Jill October 2011

Zuni Fetish Carver Jeffrey Yunie...Son of Albenita Yunie.  Albenita says he has been using her tools lately, so she has not been carving as much!

Zuni Fetish Carvers Peter Gasper Jr. on the left and Avery Quandelacy on the right ham it up for the camera!

Zuni Fetish Carver Kual Lementino, Ed and Tim's brother!

Zuni Fetish Carver Peter Gasper Jr. / Son of Peter and Diana Gasper, brother of Debra Gasper.

Zuni Fetish Carver Mike Tucson.  You will go batty over his Bat carvings!

Zuni Fetish carver David Chavez....so versatile with his animals and stones!

Legendary Zuni Fetish Carver Lorandina Sheche, daughter of Thelma Sheche and the late Aaron Sheche.  Granddaughter of the late Theodore Kucate.  Well known for her old style carvings.

Zuni Fetish Carver Ephran Chavez, well known for his badgers and traditional animal carvings. Member of the Lunasee, Tsethlikai, and Chavez Families.

Zuni (Taos) Fetish Carver Christine Banteah, well known for her Zuni Fetish Owls!

Zuni Fetish Carver Tim Lementino....a great fetish carver and a character!  Everyone loves his ravens!

Zuni Fetish carver Kenny Panteah excels at his delicate etching on carvings!

Zuni Fetish Carver Ulysses Mahkee.  Member of the Andrew Emerson Quam and Bossie Quam Families.

Well known Zuni Fetish Carver Bernie Laselute.  His carvings are very realistic, and he enjoys carving lizards and reptiles, and any unusual animals!

Zuni Fetish Carver Ed Lementino.  Ed enjoys carving animal familes...doubles, triples, quadruples and more...all bundled together with heishe and turquoise nuggets!

Well known  Zuni Fetish Carver Rick Kalestewa.  Rick's carvings tend to have a Northwest coastal look and feel to them!

Zuni Fetish Carver Carl Etsate is not only an excellent carver, he is also a character....PEACE!

Zuni Fetish Carver Tracy Hattie.  Saville Hattie's brother and a member of the Othole Extended Family.

Well known Zuni Fetish Carver Randy Lucio.  Randy's carving career has taken many twists and turns...he just keeps getting better and better!  His whimsical figures, including Maidens and drummers are sought after by both novice and collectors!

Zuni Fetish Carver Adrian Cachini, brother is Delbert. Adrian carves a variety of animals, while Delbert is known for his Maidens and "Kachinas".

Zuni Fetish Carver Barry Yamutewa.  Carves realistic animals and reptiles.  Enjoys working in turquoise!

Zuni Fetish Carver Fred Weekoty.  Best known for his whimsical bullfrogs!

Zuni Fetish Carver Gerald Burns.  One of the Burns brothers!  Known for his simpler pocket style fetish carvings with delicate etching and a single arrowhead pack!

Zuni Fetish carver Garrick Weeka.  Talented and versatile member of the extended Laate family which includes other famous carvers such as Derrick Kaamasee, Calvin and Colin Weeka, to name just a few!

Zuni Fetish Carver Jerrold Lahaleon.  Jerrold carves realistic, detailed animals and birds, and likes to work in antler.

Zuni Fetish Carver Tyrone Poncho.  Well known for his etched pocket fetish horses!  Family members include Gordon, Alex, Dan, Stephen and Todd.

Zuni Fetish Carver Ernie Mackel.  Well known for his "action" carved fetishes that appear to be running!  Member of the famous Quandelacy Family of carvers.