A Time for Healing......

A Time for Healing......

Healing Wishes from Indian Summer!
Bear Zuni Fetish with Sage for healing

Healing and cleansing.
Practice it any way you believe at this historic and critical time. 
Faith is the key ingredient......

To be receiving this newsletter, you have shown faith in our products and in Indian Summer in the past.

If you feel the need for a Healing fetish...a Medicine Bear, a Bison to help endure the current situation, a raven or horse for their innate healing powers.....please visit us at:
and take 30% off any order totaling $75.00+ now through Easter.
We have just added many healing carvings.

Enter coupon code: "HEALING"
and hit "apply" at checkout to receive your discount.

We wish you all well.
Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Positive,
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Wes and Jill

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