News and Updates 2020 ~ New Website Platform

News and Updates 2020 ~ New Website Platform

Welcome to Indian Summer Native American Art in 2020!


We're going to be using the blog function inside our new shopping cart system to do our traditional News and Updates page.  We'll use this page to keep you updated on upcoming Native American and Southwestern events throughout the Southwest....fairs, festivals, fiestas, dances, art shows....anything you might be interested in attending, should you be lucky enough to be in the area at the time.  We'll keep this blog to non-sales content in hopes that you'll support our continued online presence by purchasing our one of kind Native American Art items.

News and Updates 2020

Did you know that in Native American Culture a red butterfly symbolizes or signifies an important event?


As of the publishing date of this article we're still deciding if we're going to combine our blogspot blog with this one or make this entirely new, or maybe even forgo this tool for the blogspot link instead.  We'll keep you posted on that as we build our new 2020 site.


Here's the latest news from the pueblos:


Due to the coronavirus (covid-19) New Mexico's governor and the Chairmen of New Mexico's tribes have declared a state of emergency and issued executive orders requiring everyone to "Stay at Home." Public events have been cancelled or postponed. Unnecessary travel is prohibited. Access to reservations is limited to residents. Let's all stay safe. Please do not visit or travel through tribal lands at this time.

Click here for our Pueblo Contact Information Page.  You can contact any pueblo directly using that information to find out about the events you might have been planning to attend and their status during the pandemic.


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