Zuni Fetishes

Zuni Fetishes are our Specialty!

As 4th generation dealers in Native American art we've been buying and selling the finest Zuni Fetishes for over 40 years. As collectors of Zuni Fetishes ourselves, we realize that there needs to be a market that has something for everyone; from the novice to the advanced Zuni Fetish collector. We hope that if you are new to collecting Zuni Fetishes that you will feel informed about our pieces from our explanations and pleased with our reasonable prices.

Zuni Fetishes are an animal, bird or figure hand carved from stone, shell, antler, wood or other natural materials. Zuni Fetishes were first carved as "hunting" fetishes. When taken on a hunting expedition they would ensure a plentiful and successful hunt. Each fetish is believed to have a spirit within. If treated and taken care of properly Zuni fetishes will help guide you on the right path of life. When you purchase or are given a Zuni fetish it is your responsibility to care for and treat it with the proper respect it deserves. 
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