Guide to Selecting a Zuni Fetish

First off, choose what you like!

Fetishes are an art form and should be judged individually.  
Here are a few questions to ask yourself while you browse our collection of Zuni Fetishes.

What creature is represented?

Here's a link to our list of Fetish Animals and their meanings.

What material is used?

Turquoise, coral, and amber are usually more expensive than the more common alabaster, serpentine, jet or antler.

Take a look at our Minerals page to help you decide what will be meaningful to you.

Who carved the fetish?

To what pueblo or tribal group does the carver belong?  Read up on the differences on our page about history of Zuni Fetishes.

Lastly, have fun.  Your collection is meant to represent you and is as personal as your favorite pair of shoes.