Zuni Fetishes And Their Characteristics

Armadillo: slow, sure animal.  no hurry - gets things right.  keeper of the home. 

Badger:  the ability to reach a desired goal 

Bear:  strength, inner power to perceive ones present circumstances 

Beaver:  progressive builder, one who promotes family unity 

Buffalo: steadfast endurance to rise above one's weakness 

Coyote: the ability to laugh at oneself, humor 

Eagle: a soaring spirit that transcends personal problems, a connection to the Divine 

Fox: camouflage, protection

Frog: for centuries able to petition the spririts to bring forth abundant rain 

Horned Toad : self-reliance, longevity in life.  conservation of native bounty. 

Horse: one of only two fetishes that have innate healing powers 

Mole: keeper of the underground.  amplifies connections with the earth. 

Mountain Lion: leadership, resourcefulness 

Owl: keeper of the night.  controls the dark side of nature. wise, smart, patient and endurance of mind. 

Ram: used to procure an increase of herds 

Raven: this bird's beak is scratched across an afflicted person's skull releasing it's healing powers 

Snake: a powerful fetish symbolizing life, death and rebirth 

Turtle: a symbol of long, meaningful life 

Wolf: teacher, path finder on the never ending journey for survival 

Dolphin: known for Gentleness and Playfulness 

Cat: known for Patience and Independence 

Butterfly: represents "Everlasting Life" 

Hummingbird: known for bringing Inspiration and Luck 

Deer: known for Love and Gentleness 

Elk or Wapiti: known for Strength 

Whale: known for Leadership and Strength 

Spider: known for Ingenuity and Creativity 

Kokopelli: known for Fertility and Music