Native American Jewelry

Native American Jewelry

We have a tasteful selection of Indian jewelry for you to choose from. Each item is a hand made one of a kind piece. If we ever feature
items that look similar, being handmade, there will always be slight differences. No two items are ever identical. Currently, we offer only
Indian jewelry which does not require actually trying it on to know if it fits. We don't want anyone disappointed with a bracelet or ring that is too
small or too large. Our necklaces should work well for anyone. Each necklace shown will have length printed next to it. We also carry
belt buckles, earrings, and bolos. All of our work is set in sterling silver. Each tribe has their own style or technique that is traditional,
however, today as with every craft, they all tend to borrow ideas and designs from each other! 

Navajo work is usually bold in design. The Navajo silversmith tends to pick a stone and build around it. Some will do a simple sterling braid, while others will do elaborate feathers, leaves, flowers, scrolls, etc. The Navajo do some inlay work, however, most pieces tend to concentrate on a single or several high quality stones along with the silver work. 

Zuni Pueblo work is obtained by us from the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. The Zuni people are known for their delicate, intricate work with stones. They spend hours cutting down stones into small needlepoint and "petit point" shapes as well as doing intricate inlay and channel inlay work. The inlay work is rather like a mosaic where all pieces have been cut to fit together and form a pattern or design. The Zuni are also well known for their hand carved "fetish" necklaces. These are necklaces containing spiritual animals such as bears, turtles, wolves, foxes, etc. which are believed to have the power to bring you strength, heal, and generally guide you to a better life when the fetishes are properly cared for. 

The Santo Domingo Pueblo Indians of New Mexico are famous for their "heishe" work, nugget necklaces, and shell earrings. They tend to work strictly with stone and shell using very little if any silver in their pieces. Many of the necklaces are wrapped in "sinew" and do not contain clasps or openings. Santo Domingo pieces are very classic in style and remind you of Indian jewelry found in Anasazi sites, as there was no silversmithing done on those pieces as well. 

The Hopi Pueblo Indians of Arizona do a style which is very unique and very much their own. It is called overlay work. Two pieces of silver are used in each piece. A design is cut into one piece and is then overlaid over another piece of silver. Important symbols such as kachinas, rain, corn, water, kokopellis, and prayer feathers are but a few of the many designs they use. Most Hopi Indian jewelry is void of any stones since the concentration is on the very "clean" stylized silver work itself. All of our Indian jewelry is handmade by Native Americans using only sterling silver and the highest grade of turquoise, shell and native stones available. 
(Jill Holmes, © 2007)