Pico Nin

~In Memory of Pico Nin~

Our sweet Indian Summer "mascot" Pico Nin peacefully passed away on the afternoon of November 17th, 2015, at the ripe old age of 17.He will always be loved and always be missed, but we choose to remember all of the joy he brought to us, and many of our customers over the years.

Rest in peace Pico, always loved....never forgotten.

Pico Nin ( Italian for  "Little One" )  came to Indian Summer in the Spring of 2000.  He was left at the Santa Fe, New Mexico Dog Pound by his owner that was moving and no longer wanted him.  He was on his last day at the pound, scheduled to be euthanized at 11 a.m. the next morning.  Jill's late aunt Betty and uncle Tony, who were well known in Santa Fe for rescuing hundreds (if not thousands!) of strays over the last 80+ years, saw him, and called  Wes and Jill in Salt Lake City to see if they would take him. 
    We arrived the next day and found what  had been described to us as a "Yorkie"..... appeared to be more of a "Dorkie" (Dog and Yorkie!)...but who could resist that feisty little confident bark, and those big brown eyes.  Pico immediately became a "fixture" and a favorite at Indian Summer, helping out, and getting right in the middle of things,  as you can see in the photos below!  

Pico and his new Spring Puppy Cut ...March 2011


Pico Nin ~ June 6th, 2012....just recovering from getting too wild and crazy a few nights ago,
and throwing his back out! Thank goodness Pico has such a wonderful vet
that can always work his magic on him! Pico feels and looks great today!
Thank you Dr. Moss!!!!!



Pico and some birthday treats! Easter 2012! (Pico's Birthday is on Easter!)

Pico is nice and snuggly in his Halloween fleece....October 2011

Pico modeling his new turquoise and silver concho collar!

Pico is ready for Summer 2011...he thinks his sister Liz's Mojitos are the best!

Pico loves to gather up all his toy.... put them in his bed.... and then snuggle up with them!

Pico Nin April 2011...It's almost his birthday!

Pico just loves Chinese Take Out....Egg Rolls are his favorite!

Pico and his "Uncle Dino V."



Pico and his look alike "nephew" Scrappy are always up to mischief!


Pico Nin as a Jack-o' lantern Halloween 2010 with his Vampire Mistress Jill

Pico on his camping trip in the trailer at Bear Lake in Northeren Utah...August 2010



Pico Nin Chilly Photo
When Pico heard he was getting a new Levi jacket because he'd be getting "chilly".....He thought it meant he was getting some chile con carne to eat!

Pico Nin Photo
"Pico Nin" ... always curious and happy!!!!

Pico Nin int he Autumn
Pico loves Autumn and Halloween! October 31st, 2006

Pico Nin Photo
Sneaky-Pici has just been caught licking the icing off the angel food cake on the counter! He looks guilty!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Pimp helps bring home the bacon!  Halloween 2006

Pico Nin Photo
Pico's motto is "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Spring 2006.  Pico loves short sleeves weather!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico is ready for Autumn 2005

Pico Nin Photo
Pico is anxious to see famous Medium Robert Brown!  ( He even had a bath! )and was offered a "reading" from famous Pet Psychic  Sonya Fitzpatrick!   February 2005

Pico Nin Opico Photo
O'Pico is excited about going to the 2005 St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico just won't get jolly with a hat and bells! Christmas 2006

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin is not quite certain what he should use this tree for!!!! Holiday Season 2004

Pico Nin Photo
Pico's frog has brought "abundant rains", so Pico has to bundle up in a new fall sweater to keep dry!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico knows the Lizard represents "Longevity"....of fun for him!

Pico Nin PhotoPico Nin Photo
Pico is worried that his "Pooch for Sale" shirt might really bring some offers!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico takes a walk on the "Wild Side"and struts his stuff!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico proudly wears his rainbow "Gay Pride" shirt from the "DAWG HOUSE" in Old Town Albuquerque!

Pico's 32 Photo
Pico Nin is happy to help Wes and Jill celebrate their anniversary with a new shirt and flowers!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico loves Autumn and Halloween shirts!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin loves to just lie around...wherever! 

Pico Nin Koko Photo
"Picopelli" loves his snuggly and warm Kokopelli blanket!

Pico Nin in a Bag Photo
Pico Nin likes to travel in style!!!!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin LOVES NYC!!!!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin thinks that posting new fetishes is exhausting work!

Pico Nin Photo
 Pico Nin is all tucked in and ready for bed, after he's been working like a dog!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin will make certain that the Ground Hog doesn't see his shadow!
He's ready for spring! Feb. '01

Pico Nin PhotoPico Nin Photo
Pico's motto is "Grin and BARE it!"

Pico Nin PhotoPico Nin Photo
Pico Nin is a "heart breaker" on Valentine's Day! Feb. '01

Pico Nin Bunny Costume Photo
Poor Easter Bunny!!!!!!!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin says "Take time out to stop and smell the roses!" In this case...impatiens!

Pico Nin PhotoPico Nin PhotoPico Nin Photo
Pico Nin thinks playing football is fun any season!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin loves Homecoming Week at the University of Utah!!!!!  Go Utes!!!!!!!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Nin ready for Halloween!!!! October 2000

Pico Nin PhotoPico Nin Photo
Pico Nin throws himself into his work, and is always on the lookout for new customers!

Pico Nin Bat Costume 3 PhtotoPico Nin Bat Costume PhotoPico Nin Bat Costume Photo 2
Pico Nin shows a hint of his fangs and transforms into "Picobat" Halloween 2002!

Pico Nin Photo
Pico Presley has just finished performing "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog!"

Pico Nin Photo
Here comes Pico Cottontail...hoppin' down the bunny trail!  Easter 2003

Pico Nin Photo
It's been a long day, and I've been workin' like a dog! This blanket feels good!

Pico Nin Photo
"Pico Nin"  Our co-worker at Indian Summer!