Chad Quandelacy AMAZING Double Sided Corn/ Zuni Maiden Zuni Maidens Zuni Fetish

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Artist: Zuni Fetish carver Chad Quandelacy

Medium: Where do I begin!  Jet Maiden(s) on Turquoise base/ translucent obsidian face mask with turquoise inlaid on both sides/ double turquoise appointments on carved corn pattern/ 24K gold centerpiece set with angel skin coral / Mosaic "butterfly" pattern set with various shades of turquoise, Mojave turquoise, apple coral, spiny oyster shell, lapis, denim lapis, serpentine, abalone shell, mother of pearl and more! 

Maiden on opposite side has brilliant orange spiny oyster shell face with jet eyes and mouth/Mosaic inlay with various shades of turquoise, denim lapis, lapis, malachite, spiny oyster shell, abalone shell, Mojave turquoise and more!

Size:  3 1/4" H x 2" W x 3/4" Deep

The Corn Maidens are highly revered in the Pueblo culture for having driven off the witches that came to steal their sacred corn crop!

AMAZING work! This gal is hard for me to part with!  :)

The 24K gold came from Chad's father Stewart Quandelacy's gold ring that was melted down!  SO SPECIAL!!