Fetish Bags

Fetish bags have always been an important part of the Native American culture. Dating back to Anasazi times, small hide pouches with adornments were traditionally carried by Shamans or Medicine Men and held precious stones, crystals, and healing and cleansing plants such as sage and cedar. The Medicine Men tied these to their belts or wore them around their neck, always ready with their powerful “medicine” to cure any ailments they might encounter.

Today’s fetish bags are handmade leather hide or buckskin bags, many adorned with small glass beads, or trade beads and are used to hold a special fetish carving, along with cornmeal for the fetish to feed on. They may also be used to carry any “lucky” keepsake, special stone or whatever you feel is powerful and meaningful to you.

They too can be worn around the neck, tied to a belt or tucked into a pocket or purse. Your fetish has an “instant” home which it can feel safe and secure in, have cornmeal available at all times, and you can carry your fetish along with you anywhere! Many of our bags are made by the Shoshone, Navajo and Ute tribes.

All are handmade and most are adorned with small glass “seed” beads which are produced in Czechoslovakia. Beaded patterns used are traditional designs that have been used for many years, and many have significant meanings. Beadwork is a skill that takes time and patience, not to mention excellent vision…and nimble fingers. Fewer of the younger generation are continuing this traditional art form, so any time we come across the wonderful bags we carry, we are pleased and excited to have the opportunity to purchase them and make them available for you! Enjoy our excellent collection of fetish bags!