Smudge Kits

Our "Indian Summer Sage" Smudge kits can be used for healing, protection, blessings, fertility, cleansing and more!

Pick your kit depending on your needs, wishes, and desires.  Kits are individually designed with a purpose in mind.

All Smudge kits come with at least one sage smudge stick tied and adorned with crystals, stones, feathers, and shells.

Fertility kits include a Zuni frog fetish carving, as the frog is known as the bringer of rains, abundance and fertility.

Rabbit fetish carvings are included in our kits for safe birth and long life of an offspring.

Most kits will include cedar "ghost beads" which protect you from evil spirits and nightmares.

Dreamcatchers in kits will catch only your good dreams.

Cedar incense can be burned for protection, as well as cleansing and purifying.  Abalone shells included to hold the incense.

Each smudge kit will contain an explanation as to what the items enclosed are used for.  No two smudge kits are alike.

We've been smudging for years here at Indian Summer.  Give it a try!  You may just find yourself feeling happy and blessed.