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Indian Summer Native American Art

Adrian Leon Hopi Pot Carrier "Matya" Hopi Kachina

Adrian Leon Hopi Pot Carrier "Matya" Hopi Kachina

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Artist:  Hopi Kachina carver Adrian Leon

Medium: Cottonwood root /Feathers/ Handpainted/ green pipe cleaner around neck representing a live "fir" tree collar / canvas painted skirt/ thread sashes

Size:  1 3/8" Across x 2 1/2" H x 1 1/8" Deep

The Pot Carrier is a runner and appears in the Mixed Dances/ He wears minimal clothing and always has the hand symbol painted on his face.

This Kachina is carrying a bowl with what would undoubtedly be "piki bread" a blue corn thin rolled "tortilla" type bread handed out at Hopi ceremonies.  This is very special!


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